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Homemade face scrubs for normal skin

Facemasks that have the quality of rubbing or scrubbing the skin are called face scrubs. To make a homemade facial scub , grind small quantities of 'chana' 'moong' and 'masoor' dals in equal proportions and mix with milk, curd or honey. After 15 minutes, scrub out with moist hands. Another great homemade facial scub is the orange peel one. Just mix dried and powdered orange peel with water and apply.

Scrubs bring the blood to the surface of the skin, remove dead cells, and smooth and clean the skin. Face scrubs also work wonders for spotty skin. The best way to use the face scrub is to spread it over the face with fingertips, wait for it to dry and then remove it by a gentle scrubbing movement. This should be followed by a wash with lukewarm water. Normal skin is the best skin. It doesn't look dry and shiny. It is smooth and a perfectly balanced skin. Mostly normal skin has acnes and pimples, so it needs very care. For caring of normal skin, daily cleansing , toning and nourishing should be done. You should remove your make-up before going to the bed.

Homemade face scrubs for normal skin

Apply a blob of facial scrub cream to damp skin, massage gently, then rinse away with lots of cool water. Opt for an exfoliator that contains gentler, rounded beads, rather than scratchy ones like crushed kernels.

Try a mini exfoliating pad, lathering up with soap or facial wash.

Take a teaspoon of orange juice and a full teaspoon of fresh milk cream . Mix both of them and apply on the face. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes and wash off the face with clear water. This packs is effective to make the skin smooth and soft.

Take one full teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice . Mix both juices well and apply it on the face for getting firm and smooth skin.

Take a small amount of grapefruit juice and 4 or 5 full tablespoons of oatmeal . Mix both of them well and make a thick paste. Apply layer of this paste and leave it for dry about 15 minutes and wash off with clean water.