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Homemade moisturizers

Our skin loses water constantly through exposure to he air and the elements. As skin ages, or as it is exposed to environmental stresses and chemical agents, it loses this ability to retain water, becomes dry and appears wrinkled. The older your skin is, less able it is to hold in the moisture effectively. Honey is a good natural moisturizer. Recipes of moisturizer quick to make and simple in technique. The quality and amount of moisturizer can vary from person to person.

Moisturizers come in various types, balms and creams are the thickest and greasiest oils and lotions are lighter and more fluid gels are clear or translucent and the lightest of all. Moisturizers protect your skin's top layer by holding in water and smoothing surface dryness. Regular use of a suitable moisturiser benefits your skin.

The moisturiser not only replaces the water lost from the skin but also prevents its loss to the surroundings. So, moisturization is very essential to the skin to keep it healthy, soft, supple, smooth and firm. There are molecules on the skin surfaces, that form a matrix to retain moisture. These mixtures of molecules are known as skin's natural moisturization factor. These molecules include lactic acid, urea, etc. Moisturizers, may also contain anti-oxidant.

A Moisturizer helps to make the skin soft and removes makeup. Moisturizers should leave the skin feeling supple, soft, and nourished, not clogged or greasy. The skin protects us from the sometimes-harsh external environment ( e.g. microbial invasion and physical injuries), regulates our body temperature, provides sensory input and eliminates waste. They also can protect the barrier to soot and dirt and there is a temporary feeling of smoothness when these are used.

Thus, moisturizers can be used preventatively or to help restore the stratum corneum to its more normal function. Humectants Moisturizers are either absorbed into the skin or stay on the surface of the skin. Lipids Moisturizers blocks moisture from leaving the skin and provide a barrier and allow skin to better restore itself.

Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Moisturizers formulated specially for dry skin prevent water loss. If you have dry skin, a creamy moisturizer in a lotion or cream is very effective. If they do not have sensitive skin, they can wear whatever products feels good.

Moisturizers for Cobmination Skin

Most people have oily skin on the forehead, nose, and chin (called th T-zone), and dryer skin on the cheeks and neck. When the humidity is low, it may be necessary to moisturize the face. These moisturizers are drier and less greasy on your skin than those meant for dry skin.