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Eyebrow Arching - How to arch your eyebrows

Eyebrow Arching is used for a perfect brow arch and shaped look eybrow. Eyebrow Arching is now becoming very popular because it is more precise and produces a beautiful uniform shape.

How to arch your eyebrows

Hold the pencil to the same edge of the nose and connect it with the outer corner of the corresponding eye. If you continue that line, you will see where the brow will end.

Start by combing the brows upward and away towards the hairline using Armando's Spiral Brush. The crest of the arch should always be above the eye socket and just outside of where the pupil is. The eyebrow itself starts inside the eye socket and continues upward toward the arch.

Since our faces differ from one side to the other, a simple way to make sure both sides are balanced before beginning on the other brow is to place the pencil on the outer point of one brow to the inner point of the same brow and the inner point of the opposite brow. The pencil should make a straight line. This should be done on both sides to make sure the brows are balanced. The reason for this step is that the eyebrows are what balances the whole face. 

Tweeze away any hairs that do not fall into those lines.

To see where the brow should begin, using your pencil place it at the edge of your nose and connect this point to the corresponding inside corner of your eye. The line it makes is where the brow should begin.