33 Modern Cornrows Hairstyles That Will Up Your Hair Game To Next Level

33 Modern Cornrows Hairstyles That Will Up Your Hair Game To Next Level


Cornrows are a staple protective hairstyle that most black women wear on a regular basis, and it’s easy to see why. They keep your ends tucked in and are so adaptable that you can make them in a variety of styles and designs.

Braiders are constantly raising the bar and creating beautiful and creative cornrow styles that can only be described as art.

In this post, I’ve compiled a collection of unique and creative cornrows to serve as inspiration for your next hairstyle.

Are Creative Cornrows Harmful to Natural Hair?

Creative cornrows, like any braid or cornrow hairstyle, do not harm the hair. However, because they are often intricate, stylists may make the mistake of braiding them too tightly, exposing your natural hair to the risk of damage. The tighter the style, the more manipulation you’ll put your hair through which can cause breakage.

Can I Create Creative Cornrows Using Only My Natural Hair?

You may build unique cornrows using only your natural hair. Straight-back cornrows with distinctive patterns and designs look great on natural hair. People primarily utilize braided hair extensions to add length and volume. However, if you have somewhat long hair or don’t mind wearing it short, you can wear it naturally.

How Should I Sleep With Cornrows?

When sleeping with creative cornrows, wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf/bonnet. This will keep the hair from becoming frizzy.

Is it Possible to Grow My Hair With Creative Cornrows?

Creative cornrows or any other protective style will not grow the hair on their own, but they will aid in length retention. The reason behind this is because your hair is always growing on its own.

How Long Can I Wear My Cornrows?

Cornrows, like most protective styles, can be worn for around four weeks. However, if you take care of your hair while it’s in the hairdo, you can extend it to six weeks.

How Do I Keep My Cornrows Creative?

A weekly routine is required to maintain any cornrow style. This entails spraying the hair with a hydrating hair spritz or leave-in conditioner once or twice a week, followed by oiling the scalp to add shine. Before going to bed, you should also ensure that your hair is adequately covered.

1. Cornrows in the Fulani Ponytail


Ponytail cornrows are an excellent style to try if you want to keep your hair off of your face while framing it.


2. Distinctive Fulani Cornrows with Beads

This adorable hairdo is a fresh spin on traditional Fulani braids. It’s fashionable and draws attention to the face, and the ornate beads add to the effect.

3. Cornrows with a Star Design Stitch

A creative shape to take up space at the back part is a terrific technique to give your cornrows an edgier edge. The star design used here makes this a statement hairdo that will undoubtedly garner some compliments.

4. Bantu Knotted Blonde Cornrow

A well-executed Bantu knot style is a timeless aesthetic that no one can resist. The combination of Bantu knots and cornrows is a stunning style that may be used with casual attire.

5. Cornrows on the back that are short and straight

If you like straight-back cornrows, these zig zag cornrows with wrapped ends will complement them perfectly.

6. Cornrows with a Creative Heart Design in Jumbo Stitch

A low bun cornrow style is a simple and uncomplicated hairstyle that works for any occasion, but you can make it more eye-catching by incorporating some quirky heart shapes, as shown below.

7. Cornrows with a Star on the Back

This is the style for you if you want something simple and quick to install. Make it one-of-a-kind by adding a star design. You generally won’t need more than one pack of braided hair extensions.

8.Cornrows with Zig Zags


This is a simple yet seductive hairdo. Everyone will turn to admire your haircut because of the twists and turns.

9. Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids Featuring a Creative Triangle Design

These pop smoke stitch braids with triangle pieces are perfect for a hot girl summer, or any season you choose to wear them.

Fishbone Braids with Curls 10

Do you need an elegant look for an upcoming event? Try these curly fishbone cornrows. It is very stylish and goes with every outfit. For the cornrows, use conventional braiding hair, and for the curly ends, just wrap a bundle of curly crochet hair extensions of your choice.

11. Goddess Ziz-Zag Medium Cornrows

If you’re looking for definition and volume in your cornrows, these zig-zag cornrows might be just what you’re looking for. They’re long and full, with just the proper amount of texture and definition thanks to the addition of curly hair.

12 Medium Cornrows with a Swirl Pattern

If you don’t want to wear your hair in a side or middle part, try this wavy hairstyle. It is both basic and elegant.

13. Cornrows on a Double Mega Bun

This is a really detailed style that will get you a lot of comments. It doesn’t take long to install, but the ultimate result is breathtaking.

14 Full Curl Jumbo Fishbone Cornrows

This full curls fishbone design is excellent if you want a trendy yet basic look that can be dressed up for a big event or paired with casual attire.

15. Cornrows on a Mega Bun

Do you want a dramatic updo for a special occasion? These stacked bun cornrows are a look you should attempt. You can wear this style in a bun or let hair fall smoothly down the length of your body. For increased length, you can choose these 30 inch blonde extensions hair pack or have your stylist feed hair in.

16.Finish with straight back cornrows and passion braids.

If you don’t like updos but want something nice to wear with a beautiful dress, these straight-back cornrows are a good option. The ends are lengthy and formed in a butterfly pattern, which adds to their beauty.

17.Top Knot Cornrows with a Heart Design

Looking for a romantic outfit to wear on a date? Try this top knot style. With this haircut, you can be as creative as you want.

18.S-Pattern Cornrows with a Heart

One of the finest ways to make your cornrows stand out is to add a creative pattern like this S-pattern to your overall look. This style demonstrates that if you’re not scared to be creative, you can always make a plain all-back hairdo look exquisite.

19.Ponytail Cornrows with a Cross Pattern

This all-in-one hairdo is stunning and ideal for someone who enjoys whipping their hair as if they don’t care! Any braiding hair color that suits your personality can be used.

20. Create Cute Cornrow Designs

If you enjoy mixing and combining different motifs, this laid-back appearance with its combination of hearts, crisscross, and S-pattern may be just what you’re looking for.

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21.Cornrows Crisscrossed Half-Up Half-Down

If you want to keep your hair out of your face while still showing off a cool design, try these half-up half-down cornrows.

22. Twisted Cornrows with Small Cornrows

If you want a look that you can wear to any occasion, consider this twisted Bantu knots and cornrows combo. The silky baby hair adds to the beauty of this style.

23. Add a Heart to Lemonade Cornrows

Want a lovely style to frame your face and showcase your natural facial contours? Try these gorgeous side-swept cornrows with a heart motif. Please bear in mind that you can wear this hair color even if your skin tone is darker. You can experiment with any hair color as long as you are comfortable with it.

24.Cornrows with an All-Back Stitch

If you want something basic but dramatic and stylish, try these elaborate straight-back cornrows. Make them as vivid as seen above, and you’re sure to get some compliments.

25. Crisscross Cornrows With Blue Passion Braid Ends

From the flower design to the crisscross cornrows and the bright blue color, this style has a lot going for it. They all work together to produce a sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down for special events.

Shade Adu Cornrows with Wavy Ends 26

If you’re seeking for a style with volume and airy curls, these micro cornrows are a must-try. This exquisite hairdo is appropriate for a wedding, bridal shower, concerts, or any other special occasion. Use your preferred French curly braided hair extensions.

27. Dollar Sign Tribal Cornrows

Do you want your cornrows to have some sass? Make them with some cool dollar sign graphics.

28. Cornrows in Red and Black with a Rose Design

Do you want to go for a romantic and sophisticated aesthetic with some serious next-level art? Try these rose-patterned cornrows. They are appropriate for formal occasions as well as casual work days.

29. Colorful Shade Adu Cornrows

These shade adu cornrows may be just what you need if you want to create a distinctive design while attracting attention to your face.

30. Zigzag Cornrows With A Heart Design

Looking for a low-maintenance hairdo with a little flair and drama? These little, inventive cornrows should be on your list.

31. Single Braids with a Distinctive Pattern

If you like box braids, you’ll enjoy this braid style. It has some really nice patterns that pop and can go with any outfit.

32. Adorable Flower Cornrows

These flower braids are a one-of-a-kind design that can be worn in the summer or spring to create a statement. They also create a strong contrast that draws attention to the hairstyle.

S-Pattern Ponytail Cornrows 33

Okay, you’ve definitely seen that I’m a sucker for S-pattern cornrows, but that’s because they’re really cute and go with any style. For example, they look fantastic in this ponytail look and offer a lovely style you can wear on any occasion.