Nails Art

50+ Ingenious French Tip Nails for a Clean Celebrity Look


If there is one manicure style that will remain popular for at least the next 20 to 30 years, it has to be French tip nails. This manicure will never, ever go out of style. They entered the market in 1975, and unfortunately, daughter, I have to tell you that they are not going anywhere. 

Your eyes may grow tired, but you won’t get bored with this design that is the epitome of stylish. There are so many variations and styles available nowadays. I enjoy putting a twist on timeless nail art patterns because you really can’t go wrong with them, but feel free to experiment whatever you like! Who wouldn’t want it, right?

These will liven up your appearance in a flash, especially if you are feeling in the mood for some new and interesting french nails. There’s something here for everyone, from modest and straightforward to daring and attention-grabbing, so look around!

If you want to step up your nail game, you should buy some nail polishes or make an appointment at a salon as soon as possible.

1. Double French Manicure

2. Colored French Tip Nails

3. Rainbow French Tips

4. Butterfly Tips

5. Sleek White French Nails

6. Pin On Pink French

7. Green Ombre French Manicure

8. Cuticle Frenchie

9. Sparkly Blue French Tips

10. Coffin French Tip Nails

11. Butterfly Wings Mani

12. Glitter Pink Manicure

13. Cow Print Frenchie

14. Orange & Marble Pink Nails


15. Rainbow Swirls

16. French Nude Nails

17. Abstract White French Nails

18. Black French Nails

19. Pink French Tip Nails

20. Velvet French Tips

21. White Frenchie & Cuticle Flower

22. Floral Manicure

23. Indie Nails

24. Cute Galaxy Nails

25. French And Swirls


26. Mushroom Nails

27. Colored Negative Space Mani

28. Sparkly Vibrant Frenchie

29. Shades Of Brown

30. Flowery French Nails

31. Double Shade Nails

32. Two-Tone Manicure

33. Overlapping Colors

34. French Glass Nails

35. Indie French Nails

36. Pink Pumpkin Set

37. Silver Chrome Frenchie

38. Swirly French

39. Negative Space Mani

40. Colored Negative Space

41. Silver French Nails

42. Cute French Nail Design

43. Fruit French Nail Design

44. Brown French Nails

45. Two Tone Frenchie With Swirls

46. Orange & Pink Negative Space

47. Vibrant Yin Yang Nails

48. Classic French Nails


49. Pink Sparkly Manicure

50. Dripping White Frenchie

51. Cute Daisies

52. Colorful French Swirls