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Top 10 benefits of using coffee grounds in gardens


  1. Lawn

Make your grass greener by using coffee grinds. Simply combine five litres of water with half a pound of coffee. Apply the mixture straight to the grasses in your lawn by placing it in a spray bottle.


  1. Mulch

If you’re looking for a cheap solution to liven up the soil in your garden, use used coffee grounds as mulch. However, you should only use a small amount to sprinkle. You probably already know that coffee can readily compact due to its small size. They may thus obstruct air flow and water drainage if applied in a thick coating. It is recommended to combine the coffee grounds with larger-sized organic mulches.


  1. Pests

Make use of coffee grounds to scare off pests from your plants. To ward off the bothersome bugs, simply sprinkle coffee grounds on the garden’s borders and directly above the soil. They simply won’t enter your garden because of the smell of caffeine. So, if you see that your garden is being visited by strangers, just cover it with coffee grounds. These pests will vanish quickly.