Top 10 Heated Dog Beds Of 2023 to Keep Your Dog Cozy

Top 10 Heated Dog Beds Of 2023 to Keep Your Dog Cozy


It’s time to break out the blankets and warm socks as winter is quickly approaching. For your canine family members, a heated dog bed or a winter coat may be necessary in the interim. It’s not a good idea to use your electric blanket as a blanket for your dog because dogs regulate their body temperatures differently than humans do (mostly due to all that fur). Find a heated dog bed instead. These will be especially beneficial for older animals with arthritic pain, puppies with hip dysplasia, or hairless breeds that become particularly chilly in the winter.


The Reasons a Dog Would Need a Heated Bed

Older dogs with stiff joints or arthritis may discover that a heated dog bed relieves their pain. If at all possible, the AKC advises choosing an orthopedic heated bed; however, keep in mind that if it gets too hot, your dog may find it difficult to stand.

Breeds with short or no hair may also benefit from heated dog beds in the winter. Whippets, Chinese crested puppies, and American hairless terriers are the breeds in question. Even small frames, like those of chihuahuas or Italian greyhounds, may need additional warmth.




1. K&H Pet Products, first Heated Lectro-Soft Pad

Why We Love It: Water-resistant, machine washable, steel-wrapped cable

This pad is safe and comfortable to use outside or on a porch because it has a fleece cover and a steel-wrapped cord. This pad will keep your dog warm on chilly days if he spends time lounging in the garage or on the deck. The entire item is water-resistant and the cover is machine washable. Additionally, it warms up to your pet’s body temperature, minimizing the possibility of overheating. Overall, it’s a smart decision for outdoor activities.


2. Lectro-Soft Heated Bolster Bed from K&H Pet Products

Why We Enjoy It: Two thermostats, extra comfortable, and steel-wrapped corn

This bed will work for dogs who require more padding in their kennel, garage hangout, or dog house. Two thermostats are included to guarantee that the bed warms up to approximately 102 degrees, which should be in line with your dog’s natural body temperature. Similar to the outdoor pad, this one has a 5.5-foot chord that is covered in steel to protect it from the elements and chewers. After a particularly cold night, one reviewer with a 13-year-old Border Collie stated their dog “jumped out of bed for his two-hour stroll.” He was prepared to travel despite his arthritis.


3. The Aspen Pet-Warming Bed by Petmate

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Why We Adore It: Non-slip bottom; no need for a cord

This incredibly plush self-warming bed traps your dog’s body heat. It doesn’t need cords, outlets, or continual supervision to keep the dog from overheating because it is lightweight and has a non-slip bottom. Your dog is encased in a faux lamb’s wool sherpa fabric for a comfy snooze in the interior lining. Small to medium-sized dogs who can cuddle up and drift off to sleep are the ideal candidates.


4. Bed Warmer from K&H Pet Products

Why We Enjoy It: Works with any bed, providing an additional 15 degrees of heat

A heated insert can be your best solution if your dog is picky or has a bed they won’t leave. Any dog bed may accommodate this insert, which is available in four sizes, including a huge version. To insert the pad, simply unzip the existing cover, leaving a small hole in the cord. Use it with a soft cover at least half an inch thick, but never by itself. When a dog lays on the dog bed, the maker claims the insert will ensure that it stays 12 to 15 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature and won’t go above 102 degrees.


5. The Pet Fit For Life Heating and Cooling Pad

Why We Love It: Microwaveable and freezer-safe, soft fleece, machine-washable

It could be a good idea to spend money on a bed that can both cool down and heat up your dog if you live in a climate that can’t decide on a temperature (looking at you, Midwest). To help control the temperature of the dog, you can put this pad in the freezer or the microwave. It is a cozy option both on its own and when hidden inside your dog’s bed thanks to the soft fleece. The fleece cover is machine washable, and the gel interior is pet-safe. Its size is one disadvantage, which might not be suitable for large breeds.


6. Thera-Pawz Heating Pad

Self-warming and great for travel are the reasons we adore it.

This pad keeps dogs warm without the use of electricity, microwaves, or batteries. Both bamboo and charcoal are used. This combination “naturally emits far infrared rays,” according to The Green Pet Shop, which work with your pet’s body heat to boost and circulate warmth. We like that it travels well and doesn’t require a plug. People who give this pad positive reviews mention how much their arthritic dogs enjoy it and how they’ve had success placing it in sunny areas. Some reviewers don’t think it gets warm enough, though their pets still enjoy a nap on the soft surface.


7. K&H Pet Products Sleeper Bolster

Why We Love It: Machine-washable cover, low energy use

Anxious dogs may find a bolster bed that gives them an added sense of security. This one has sturdy-yet\-soft sides and a cushy pad (with a machine-washable cover) and a removable heating device you can take out when the weather warms up. Your pet will cool off when it isn’t lying on the bed. As soon as they get on, it gets warm to their body temperature and stays there. The producer claims that this heated bed only consumes six watts of power and complies with all USA/CA electrical safety regulations.


8. Pet Heating Pad with Claws

Why We Love It: Six temperature settings, a built-in timer, and a huge space.

The size of this enormous heating pad will appeal to both Great Danes and households with multiple dogs. With four pre-set timer settings to choose from, the XXL size, which is 59 inches by 39 inches, allows you to guarantee that it turns off after a certain amount of time. Additionally, there are six temperature options. This high-tech pad has seven layers and won’t overheat. The rope is also covered in a chew-proof metal sheath. This heating pad should never be folded in half, even if you’re storing it, unlike the bamboo and charcoal non-electric mat.


9. The Thermo-Mod Dream Pod from K&H Pet Products

Why We Love It: It provides security and has a cute look.

Have you ever seen your dog curl up into a little ball? Let them perform that inside! It’s a heated pad within a thermo pod. The pad is removable if it becomes too warm for your small dog and is coated in faux fleece. According to several reviews, the pad moves around inside, especially if your dog wriggles around attempting to get comfy. We prefer the green version since it looks like a spaceship, and we know our dogs are extraterrestrials!


10. Tozey Pet Heating Pad

Customizable timing and temperature settings, detachable cover

The Tooley offers timed and temperature options, just like the Clawsable pad. For boxes, this pad works great. You can choose the ideal fit and style for your dog because it is available in four sizes and four colors. Additionally, the material is flame-resistant, which might give you peace of mind while using it (but you should still watch your dog!). Although the cover is machine washable and removable, do not let your dog to lounge on the pad without it! The cover ought to be on if the heat is.