15+ Stylish Pixie Haircuts for Women in 2023

These pixie cuts showcase the mischievous-little-boy cut as well as many attractive new variants that are gaining popularity in the area of popular short hairstyles! So, if your hair is out of shape and needs to be refreshed, kick back and browse my current collection of amazingly beautiful pixie cut ideas!

1. Girls’ short pixie cut with glasses

Stylish swept-across pixie cut with blonde highlights and sharp side points 

Here’s a common short haircuts idea that can be achieved on fine, medium, or coarse hair and may be changed to compliment most facial shapes. It’s ideal for round faces since the lack of fussy curls helps even out the curves of a circular face. The height on top makes the face appear longer, while the closely-cut sides draw the eye in, reducing width at the cheek level. The swept-across pixie hairstyle is still one of the most popular short hairstyles, especially when highlighted to showcase the texture and movement!

  2. A cheeky, adorable, and fashionable pixie hairstyle with ragged fringe for thick hair.

Women’s short boyish haircut: Pixies are known for being charming and cheeky, but completely adorable! This following fashionable pixie cut design, in my opinion, wonderfully depicts the ‘cheeky young boy’ look! It’s a wonderful pixie cut for thick, straight hair since it has several razored layers that have removed the weight to create a lovely rounded shape around the head. In the original street-urchin style, the razored-edge fringe provides a wispy, slightly ragged edge. See how this pixie haircut draws attention to the eyes and creates a nicely arched brow in this young style suitable for all ages!

3. Straight black hair, ultra-stylish pixie cut with extra-long asymmetric fringe

Here’s a super-stylish pixie cut idea that uses extreme asymmetry to produce some amazing contrasts. A long, side-swept fringe produces a strong diagonal line across the front of the face in the side perspective. These design elements combine to create a stylish pixie hairstyle that complements oval faces as well as round or heart forms. The diagonal long fringe is an excellent technique to break up the symmetry and curviness of a round face, conceal a high forehead, and balance off a long face!

4. A beautiful pixie cut on brown hair with a delicate V fringe.

The sides of this adorable pixie hairstyle are cut short around the ears, letting the model to show off an ear-stud at the top of one ear. The side-points are short and flatteringly highlight the eyes and cheekbones. The front is lightly waved and fashioned forwards into a soft, wispy fringe that forms a casual V-shape, keeping the look soft and pleasantly unexpected! And a few highlights would really bring out the texture. This lovely pixie looks great on fine to medium hair.

5. Dramatic paprika pixie for fine straight hair

This natural-copper pixie haircut with longish layers is appropriate for fine To medium hair. The curve from crown to nape has a great symmetry that fits the curve in the lengthy, piecey fringe. The dramatic end and extra-long side tips, which create another appealing curve on the profile, add to the drama. The tips are attractively tapered since the ends are textured. This is a beautifully colored,’smart-casual’ look with lots of sweeping arcs and tucked lightly behind one or both ears!

6. Futurist pixie with buzzed sides and a gorgeous D.A. back

If you’re a daring lady who prefers spice over sugar, choose this super-cute pixie cut! The overall shape is an extra-long mohawk to the crown with buzzed sides and back. The styling, on the other hand, is exquisite, with straight hair brushed into a smoothed-back D.A. finish and a feathery line down the back to the nape. The D.A. was popular for men’s hairstyles in the 1950s and 1960s and stands for ‘duck’s behind!’ This uncommon pixie haircut twist, sometimes known as the ‘ducktail,’ demonstrates that there is a terrific new short hairdo for everyone!

7. 3-point pixie with a lovely quiff and fun details

With many women now sporting a neck tattoo on the nape, it makes sense to select popular haircuts that accentuate your skin-art! This unusual but fashionable pixie cut has a 3-points design with long sideburns and a deep V-shaped finish at the nape, ‘pointing’ down to the tattoo below. It’s currently a popular short haircut choice among trendy young people since it looks good on medium-thick and fine hair and flatters a round face. With three cheeky lines added as a finishing touch and a curled-back quiff in the front, this is a fun and unique new appearance!

8. Short back and sides with a lengthy fringe to highlight a nose ring piercing

Another recent craze is the nose-ring piercing, which is actually a traditional ‘bull-ring’. Nose rings and neck tattoos are a trendy spring/summer trend that can be skillfully shown with a well-cut short hairdo. This is another take on the boys’ adaptable short-back-and-sides, left-long-on-the-top style. The nose and mouth are highlighted by the full fringe combed forwards. The ear piercings and neck tattoos are revealed by the cut-around-the-ear sides. And the closely cropped back has a lovely slope into the neck and an adorable heart tat. Almost any face shape can be accommodated by adding a side part, a front quiff, or altering the fringe!

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9. Asymmetrical smooth pixie cut for thick, straight dark hair

Of all, not everyone wants to be the center of attention with an odd or ultra-modern hairdo! Most of us prefer a simple style that is matched to our facial shape and hair type! This is a gorgeous medium pixie hairstyle with a little natural wave for thick dark hair. The deep side portion creates a beautiful, slanted fringe that just touches the corner of the brow. This is a fantastic approach to narrow a wide forehead while still allowing plenty of skin to show at the front to elongate the facial shape. The back features lengthy layers with a natural wave and a lovely, tiny point at the neck!

10. Sharp avant-garde pixie hairdo with lavender color fading

Here’s a fantastic new variation that carries a serious stylistic punch! The ‘dark roots, blonde hair’ pixie gets a futuristic makeover, with purple roots that fade to a lovely lavender tone! It’s also incredibly asymmetrical, with one side buzz-cut beneath a deep side part and the other side sweeping over the head. To create a sharp tapering edge, the tips are extensively textured. This look looks amazing on medium to thick hair and goes well with pale lipstick and a lot of eye makeup! Do you want to know what the hottest hair color trends are this year? Check out this article.

11. A classic all-over white-gold pixie with a short fringe.

I must admit that I enjoy seeing this traditional, short-all-around pixie hairstyle highlighting a gorgeous face with modest features! It’s a throwback appearance from a time when celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead with even a trace of dark roots showing. It gives you a softer, glam look by using a pale-gold blonde hue all over instead of bold black roots. The short fringe floats lightly over the rounded hairline, and the pointed side parts wonderfully frame the eyes and cheekbones!

12. Pixie cut before and after on straight brown hair with long fringe and flawless finish

If you’re trying to decide whether to go shorter or longer, these ‘before and after’ photographs might be very helpful. In the before photos, the model’s healthy, warm-brown hair looks good yet average. The after photos, on the other hand, show an absolutely elegant pixie cut that flatters the model by displaying her lovely profile and adding more natural volume at the crown. Despite the fact that there is only one young woman here, I had the impression that the lady with the longer pixie was older! And ‘the girl,’ with a shorter pixie, resembled her younger sister!

13. Platinum-blonde pixie cut with dark roots

This platinum-blonde long pixie hairstyle requires a lot of care to protect your hair from looking damaged. It works well with light-colored natural colors that do not need to be lightened from a dark color. Controlled bleaching, on the other hand, is an excellent way to add volume to healthy, fine hair! This fashionable short hairstyle has a long asymmetrical fringe that can be worn straight or wavy to change up your look!

14. Long pixie cut ideas for ladies over 50 with smart highlighting tactics

If your hair is in a difficult,’salt and pepper’ stage or is virtually white, try some softly placed dual highlights. This is one of the most popular short haircuts for women over 50, although it frequently need some additional color to be stylish and appealing. So, in addition to the dual highlights, why not incorporate this contrasting warm brown part over the nape?

15. Asymmetrical pixie cut with gold flashes in the fringe and sides

This incredibly polished photo-effect proposes a unique, short hairdo we might consider! I agree because it has so many great face-flattering aspects! The large, round contour over the deep side parting adds width to the rather thin chin. The asymmetrical, side-swept fringe helps to shorten a lengthy facial shape. One of the most beautiful blonde colors, the wonderful medium-gold highlighting warms up a pale or ‘cool’ complexion. Taking the shining highlights down to include the short sideburns is a novel and appealing approach. Lighter color accents around the face reduce any harsh angles. 

16. A mousy-brown pixie with cool golden streaks.

Ideas for short hair for ladies over 40: If you have dark-blonde, dirty-blonde, or mousey-brown hair, it’s best to add some color dimension to avoid seeming dreary. If you have a little red complexion, as this model does, cool colors can help to tone it down. Mousey hair is ideal for a pixie makeover, and you can get an appealing feathery texture with a fashionable cut and delicate, cool-blonde or coppery highlights! Bronde is one of the next color trends for spring/summer, which implies mousey hair doesn’t need cool highlights to lift it to blonde. Bronde is a light-brown and bright hair color that comes in a variety of warm, light-gold, and coppery-brown colors that are easy to manage in a short hairstyle like this darling pixie!

17. Golden-blonde over brown pixie with cut layers

Women’s Layered Short Haircut: This lengthy and highly elegant pixie haircut looks great on thick hair! The hair has been cut vertically in sliced layers, which thins out the mass and provides a nice round contour – just like a chrysanthemum! The long fringe is emphasized in a trendy golden-blonde hue that looks great on most skin tones, while the under-layers and back are a contrasting warm brown shade. To complete this stunning pixie hairstyle, there is extra height at the crown where the two colors are mixed in distinct strands for a highly eye-catching (in a good way!) and trendy ‘do

18. Heart-shaped face, straight pixie on thick dark brown hair


Short haircut with bangs: Naturally straight, strong, dark hair requires a hard hand if it is to complement your beauty! Pixies are popular short haircuts for this hair type because thick hair’s natural body can be moulded into highly fashionable geometric designs. This attractive young lady shows off her lovely, clear skin and blue eyes with a fashionable, side-swept fringe. This fashionable short haircut requires less bother, giving you more time to enjoy yourself!