Top 23 Winter Hair Color Ideas 2023

Winter hair colors range from mild tones that complement the cold weather to darker tones that highlight contrast. Blondes are popular, but brunettes and darker tones exude a warm, friendly aura. Other stylish and pastel colors are also popular throughout this cozy, winter season! 

When dying your hair, make sure the color complements your skin tone and draws attention to your eyes.

Natural colors or a warm balayage can be worn by women with a tan or olive complexion. Chocolate brown and rich crimson tones will accentuate the warmth in your skin.

Choose a brighter shade that contrasts with the undertone of your skin. Cool complexions can benefit from dirty or ash blonde hair. It’s also one of the most popular hair colors for the winter solstice.


Each hair dye has its own set of care instructions. This is why your lifestyle plays an important role in determining your preferred color.

Get in touch with your stylist for professional advice. You can inquire about how to style your hair at home and what products to use. 

It’s never too late to shake things up. Continue reading to see images of the hottest winter hair colors.

1. Ash Pale Violet


If you’re a blonde trying to tone down your brilliant complexion, request a deep silver tone. The appearance adds depth to your base. Lighter pieces surrounding your face accentuate your features. Despite the darker tone, you’ll need to be lightened to a pale blonde to attain this color. Otherwise, it will appear skewed.

2. Long Bob in Berry Red

If you want to make your lob stand out, go for a bright red hue. To add richness to any powerful reds I use, I like to add a small amount of VR pigment. The hue is eye-catching and alluring. The combination, together with a bobbed cut, will complement any skin tone and narrow your facial features.

3. Dark Mahogany with Face-Framing Blonde Hair

Try a dark brown shade with face-framing blonde hair. Bleaching out the front piece is fantastic for brightening up your face. Give a chestnut brown to your winter hair colors for light complexion to add richness.

Melt Milk Chocolate Brown Color4.

A milk chocolate brown color melt can make your locks seem sumptuous. Warm up your color palette to add dimension to your dark brunette locks. Warm winter hair colors will add a golden glittering dimension and gloss to your strands.

5. Indigo Peekaboo on Bronde Hair

Peekaboo indigo on bronde hair is a beautiful color to transition into a new season. If you’re normally a bright blonde, a pleasant darker color below your hair allows you to maintain some of it. Ask your hairdresser to experiment with a darker blonde toner on your highlights if you have winter blonde hair. This can transform your appearance without requiring too much time or effort. Toners often last 20 to 25 washes. So, during your next session, you can modify the color of your hair 

6. Dark Hair Partial Choco Caramel Balayage

The winter season brings out the dark in many of us, but adding a statement piece will make your color stand out! Begin with a deep dark brown base and work your way forward with balayage. Then, tone it down to a rich chestnut shade to give your color a punch. Try adding curls to this look to highlight those items wonderfully!

7. Cappuccino Whipped Hair with a Money Piece

Are you looking for the best winter brown hair colors? One of the best winter hair colors for olive skin is a creamy, warm balayage. To achieve the cascade effect, pre-tone your hair before melting your base and gloss together. Take care not to run the base down too much on the money piece region. Finish the appearance with KMS Therma Shape spray. Curls can be added with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. To achieve a beach wave effect, simply leave the ends of your hair out and comb through after curling.

Balayage in Dark Crimson 8.

Gorgeous beauties wear rich crimson balayage. The base for this hue is a dark brunette hair color. The top has been brightened and coated in a semi-permanent blood color. This creates a three-dimensional effect. Deep winter hair colors are gravitating toward jewel tones with whimsical placement. Consider peekaboos, split dye, and chunky.

Hair in Copper Red Velvet9. 

Vibrant coppers are elegant winter hair colors for dark skin. The burgundy and scarlet tones warm up your darker skin tone. The color contrast accentuates and brightens your facial features. Maintaining the same color level as your natural color will allow for natural regrowth. To keep your color looking fresh in between treatments, try Kera Color Copper Conditioner.

10. platinum blonde short hair

One of the best winter hair colors for blondes is short frosty blonde hair. With this platinum hair color, you look like an ice queen. I’d start with a general application of lightener, lifting to a pale yellow. Or, if your hair is in good enough condition, pass that. Then I’d glaze or tone with violet, pearl, silver, or a combination of the aforementioned hues. You can apply the toner directly from the bowl, but I recommend drying your hair to reveal the full color. This assists you in determining what your formula requires. Whether you want to tone down or enhance the raw blonde.

Toasty Pink with Dark Roots 11

A dark root with a mauve pink balayage is one of the most popular winter hair colors. This color looks amazing on both fair and dark skin. It adds warmth even though it’s considered a cooler color. It can give an elongated appearance which is perfect for medium-length hair. Because this color fades quickly, use a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. For instance, Olaplex 4 and 5. You should also wash your hair with cold water to keep the cuticle closed.

12. Short dark hair with iron red highlights

Short black hair with bursts of iron red is a great winter color combination. This almost-black base hue is broken up by iron-red streaks. These accentuate the shape and elegance of the cut. As dark winter hair colors become more popular, this pair is one of the most stunning. Expect to spend some time in the salon. Bring a book or get to know your stylist a little better if this color is a double procedure.

Silvery Gray Hair 13

Consider silvery gray hair as a new winter hair color to offer oneself a more relaxed appearance. Making sure you work with a stylist who can raise your hair to the required level is a vital element of this color. This will keep your hair as healthy as possible. If feasible, working with a celebrity colorist assures that they have the experience to get you the color you want.

Rich Mauve Red Color 14

Winter red hair colors, such as a rich mauve red, are popular winter hair colors to attempt. With all of the numerous hair colors available, this appears to be the most preferred color during the winter season. When it comes to the technique, the deep mauve color doesn’t require much lifting. This keeps your hair follicles healthy during the coloring procedure. Hue-safe and sulfate-free hair products, such as Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting, should be used with this color. Line of color.

15. Shiny Metallic Ash

A cool metallic ash hair color is a terrific option to liven up your winter look. Winter hair colors are deeper in tone. This can be accomplished by either toning down your blonde to a more ash tone or coloring it dark entirely.

Melted Ashy Gray Hair 16

If your natural hair color is ashy, try a melting ashy gray hair color. This will make the unique smokey gray on the ends last longer. In the fall and winter, most women like deeper colors. Winter hair colors for fair complexion, on the other hand, are a milder version of those intense jewel tones. Melted hair color is a modern interpretation of the ombré style from a few years ago. It’s where the highlight blends seamlessly into the base color. There are no hard lines.

17. Brunette Hair with Teal and Turquoise Blend

Teal and turquoise blended on brunette hair look stunning. Teal and turquoise are both comparable colors, but one is more green and the other is more blue. Using two hues from the same family brings the eye down the hair and adds depth. Winter hair colors, such as these blue tones, are deep, rich, and saturated.

Vanilla Blonde Highlights on Black Hair18

Vanilla blonde highlights on black hair are related to split dye. You might keep your natural hair color and build from there with this appearance. You can tone the bleached strands in a multitude of ways because they are largely beneath and half of the fringe. The lightness in this photo is graduated from light caramel on top to vanilla blonde on the ends. Your hair will look gorgeous in whichever tones you choose.

19. Medium Shag with Purple and Hot Pink Highlights

Try some vibrant colors with a razor cut if you want to make a statement with your hair color and cut. Using multiple colors might help to enhance your color scheme. Simply request that your hairdresser frame your face with the brightest one. Request that your shag be heavily texturized. It will soften your blend and make your layers stack smoothly.

20. Elegant Purple-Blue Accents

Use 3-4 different hues from the same color family to add dimension to your hair. Make your base a primary color and use a secondary color for highlights. Blue, for example, would be a basic color (primary). Your two alternating colors would be magenta and neon blue. When getting vibrant colors, schedule appointments every 4-6 weeks. This prevents banding while lightening your roots.

21. Vivid Cool-Toned Blue with Lighter Ends

Have cool-toned brilliant blue winter locks with lighter ends. Pretty winter hair colors are always in style and will set you apart from the crowd. A blue tint fades quickly at first, but it is the most difficult fashion color to completely remove, so be cautious.

22. Cobalt Blue Dimensional Hair

With dimensional cobalt blue hair, you may add an ice touch. Blue is a great winter hair color to try this season. A cool blue can make your hair look elegant and lively. Fashion hues fade, and blue usually fades to green. As a result, you’ll need to do touch-ups frequently to keep your color true to tone.

23. Magenta Hair Color Trends

If you want to stand out from the crowd this season, consider fiery magenta hair color. For fall and winter hair colors, magenta, deep pink, and red-violet are excellent choices. Because of their richness, depth, and brightness, these warm tones are popular during these seasons. Also, just as clothing turns to darker colors in the fall and winter, so should your hair.