10+ Adorable Side Braid Hairstyles

Bun down side braid


If you’ve been a little bored with your hair lately and can’t go to the salon for a cut or color, this is exactly what you need. We found 23 of the best side braid hairstyles to show you. Braids are an easy way to spruce up your hair, side braids go great with loose hair, ponytails, glamorous updos, and more. You can use it. Not only that but there are side blades for every occasion. So look around and see what hairstyles you can create. You can’t choose your favorite, so you can practice and wear it!

1. Slim Side Braid Ponytail

Source: @sherrymaldonado

Love ponytail braids? If so, check this out. This hairstyle features side braids with a long ponytail tied into the ponytail. It’s a simple idea and looks very stylish. Hair like this is versatile and can be pulled up or down depending on the situation. From the gym to going out, this hair has you covered.


Not all pleats need to be big and strong. You can have smaller and more subtle side braids like this.In this look, the hair is curly with two thin braids that meet in the middle.It’s a cute and adorable look that suits everyone. Such hairstyles are perfect for summer, festivals and special occasions.You can also add accessories such as flowers.

3. Accessorized Large Side Braid for Long Hair

Source: @blohaute

Next, we will show you another style with accessories. The hair is styled in large side braids. This is a textured fishtail braid with summer and beach vibes. The style is complete with lots of cute clips. I love clips because the different designs look unique. You can recreate this look or try small, smooth braids. You can buy hair clips like this online.

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Source: @michaelgrayhair

The first hairstyle consists of two simple side braids. This is a classic hairstyle, easy to wear and looks good on everyone. It’s the perfect style for summer and is useful for keeping your hair out of the way while you work out. You can find similar look tutorials online that can be recreated with both long and short hair.


side braids are both casual and glamorous for special occasions. This way you can wear side braids more elegantly. The hair is braided into loose fishtail braids that go down the sides of the head like a headband, with the bangs loosely curled and the rest of the hair in a low updo. This is a stunning updo, perfect for weddings and proms.

6. Cute side braid for short hair

Source: @natalieannehair

Next up is a cute side braid. This hairstyle features a textured bob and the hair is braided on one side.The braid comes with several ribbons and beads. We love this because the ribbons and accessories make the braid look stylish and unique.You can recreate this look with similar hair accessories in any color.

7. Ponytail braided side The

Source: @blohaut

the side braid is a great way to add some spice to your ponytail. Here we have a simple ponytail with a stylish loose braid on the side. It’s a very pretty look and you can use any type of braid for this style, from fishtails to triple strands. This is another beautiful hair idea for summer.It also has a beach vibe.


Source: @hairicome_

The next hair idea is a gorgeous hairstyle and hair color. This look features wavy hair with two side braids that meet in the middle.Two braids for a cute half-up-half-down style. If that’s not pretty enough, the hair is also a shade of pastel pink.We love this hair idea and the color is perfect if you want a bold look.

9. Long Side Braided Hair Ring

Source: @sherrymaldonado

This next hairstyle is also one of our favorites. Her hair is very long and straight with her side parting. Loosen one side of your hair and braid the other side. The braid also comes with a hair ring. Hair rings are a great way to give your hair a trendy and edgy look. These can be purchased online and used in all knitting styles.


If you’re looking for hairstyles for a special occasion, this is the one to check out. Here we have long waves with small side braids, rounding out the style with sparkling accessories. You can replicate this or try braids on straight hair or tighter curls. Hair like this is perfect for bridesmaids and proms.

11. Easy and stylish DIY side braid

Source: @katlynskorner

The next hairstyle idea is simple and stylish. Here we have the classic side braid, then transition to a braided ponytail. So I only braid part of my hair up to the ponytail where all my hair is. Cute and nice idea. This is a trendy yet practical hairstyle that is perfect for the gym or anywhere else.


Earlier in the post, I introduced a bold pink hair idea.If you like it, you must see this hair idea too.Here is also a gorgeous pink long It’s a fishtail side braid. Both braid and color are fun and stylish. This bold style is a spring/summer must-have. Of course, the braid can be reproduced in your favorite color.

13. Bun down side braid

Source: @hairicome_

The next hair idea is also one of our favorites from him. This look features two side braids with a small braid on top.Both braids then meet to form a low bun. I love heavy braids. Tutorials for this type of braid are available online so you can try to recreate it yourself. If so, check this out. Here we have textured beachy wavy long hair. Style part of your hair into a loose side braid. A simple and cute idea that everyone will love. Add accessories like flowers and glitter for the perfect festive look.

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