50+ Best Short Balayage Hairstyles – Balayage Hair Color Ideas


Today’s great gallery of summer balayage/short hair trends will knock your socks off! Some balayage ideas for short hairstyles for fine hair are as subtle as colored gloss, but others are wildly bold with fuchsia, lime, purple, blue, yellow, and sea green! You’ll adore these new looks! 

A sophisticated wavy angled bob with honey, caramel, and plum balayage.

This angled bob hairstyle has a very beautiful balayage with expertly applied highlights in caramel, honey, and plum (yum-yum!). Short hair in bob cuts looks wonderful with distinct waves that give the illusion of thicker hair. Short hairstyles are particularly exciting this year, with movement and structure enhanced with honey/plum balayage!

Smooth short bob hairstyle with soft salmon-pink balayage

With the stylish orange-pink balayage, this trendy asymmetrical boy cut has a cropped back that contrasts with long layers on the top and sides. Short hairstyles are going away from blonde highlights and towards pastel colors like this dual coral-pink/salmon-pink pattern that looks fantastic with a brown base color! 

Beautiful blue and white fantasy balayage on short uneven bob hair.

With irregular layers no longer than the chin and helpful face-widening volume at the sides, plus dazzling blue-tip balayage, this hairstyle is ideal for a long/narrow face. Short hair bobs in extreme white-blonde, with turquoise and blue highlights give a wonderfully artistic style for cool complexions and stunning blue eyes!

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Super-cute pixie cut on brown hair with delicate copper-blonde balayage

This young model’s short pixie with copper balayage couldn’t be more feminine! If the bangs are adjusted to your face shape, short hair with feathery tips and bangs complements a variety of shapes. With tons of layers, fashionable forward-styling, and top texture lightened up by warm copper balayage, this is a terrific short haircut for fine hair!

Fantasy hair color trends in strong balayage/short hair party wigs


Here’s the brightest balayage if you’re looking for fresh hair color ideas and fashionable balayage on short hair! The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. There are also short hair balayage wigs available for a less expensive put-on/take-off option!

Short hair with a fruity round orange bob and lemon balayage


Popular haircuts, such as this fantastic short bob hairstyle on thick hair, provide a perfect backdrop for fashionable hair color choices. This subdued orange tint is a new fashion color, and short haircuts like this look fantastic with lemon-yellow balayage! Suitable for long/narrow faces and square or heart face shapes.

On short hair, a perky porcupine finish with blonde balayage

Inspired by porcupine quills, this adorable short hairstyle features blonde balayage halfway down the hairshafts, producing a beautiful new balayage appearance! Short haircuts for fine hair should be trimmed with several layers and textured with balayage, which can be subtle or vivid. When dark roots contrast with balayage hues, short hair gains depth and density

Cute grey-blonde cockatoo mohawk with pink balayage short haircut

Short hairstyles have frequently been inspired by the head feathers of birds, and this fantasy-look is based on the cockatoo’s cheery plumage, with stylish pink balayage! This year’s short haircuts use the short-back-and-sides boycut as a foundation and then go wild with the long, top layers – adding waves and dazzling fantasy balayage colors!

Blue-green balayage on blonde short hair in an angled bob

I adore how the colors in the model’s tattoos are replicated in her edgy, tousled angled bob hairdo to produce a stunning balayage. Short hairstyles are usually at the forefront of new cutting techniques and hair color trends, and this is such a trend-setting short hairstyle idea with textured tips, half-waved layers, and a silver/blue/green balayage!

Beautiful silver-grey balayage with a tinge of lavender on a short haircut for fine hair.

This is an excellent bob haircut for fine hair, with subtle layers and a side part that flatters round and oval faces. Swept hair over the top creates a thicker wedge of hair that is highlighted with a lovely silver-grey balayage. Short haircuts with a bit of green gloss and lavender balayage in the bangs can draw attention to green eyes.

Hi-fashion hand-styled balayage on short angled bob haircuts

This expertly-styled angled bob hairstyle makes the most of a honey-caramel balayage on short hair to accentuate the sliced layers with textured tips. The stacked back creates excellent circular volume at the crown, tapering down to the front. The contrast of dark roots against lovely, blonde strands adds color depth to this short hair balayage.

Trend-setting silver balayage on grey roots for edgy bob hairstyle

This beautiful silver angled bob haircut design is unquestionably a foretaste of balayage’s future. Short and medium bobs are going away from simply mixing natural hues and toward new hair color ideas inspired by fantasy game characters. A trendy new fashion for thick hair is a heavily-thinned area from the chin to the ends.

Silver-grey bowl-cut with unconnected undercutting.

Pale grey-blonde balayage on short haircuts has become a definite hair color trend among urban-chic women who enjoy trying out various hair colors! Grey tones complement the blues and greens commonly utilized in fashion tattoos, but the undercut brown hair in this hairstyle clashes with the balayage. Short hair looks great with balayage tones in complementing colors.

Grey-green-blue balayage in a scruffy bob on short hair

This rock-chick shaggy stacked bob features a grey-blonde base accentuated with gorgeous blue roots and a matching back. If you look closely, you can notice that the blonde areas have slight green undertones. Anyone can create their own balayage hair color concept, but get expert help from a colorist first!

Stunning silver balayage with bangs and black roots on short hair

Metallic-silver tones are ideal for producing fascinating new styles with balayage in this unique short hairdo. With a significant contrast between the black roots and silver-plus-pink balayage, short hair in a bowl-cut with sharp side points looks much thicker! Short hair balayage effects on fine hair may offer plenty of texture and richness!

Short haircuts for fine hair with cute taupe hair and lavender/lime balayage

This sweet short hairstyle for fine hair is precisely cut to complement the model’s delicate features and contains a very subtle lavender/lime gloss balayage! Short hair that’s fine looks wonderful in densely layered short haircuts with structure and movement offered by imaginative, current styling! This asymmetrical style looks great on round and oval faces.

Hot basin-cut with multi-balayage on summer short hairstyles

Who knew a short back-and-side hairstyle could be so feminine and chic? The long bangs and forward styling frame the face with attractive, sharply textured strands that highlight the eyes and lips. The delicate rainbow balayage for a stylish short-hair design adds a twist to this wonderful summer hairstyle look!

Show-stopping 60’s angled bob in metallic silver with hint of purple balayage

With a voluminous rounded bob cut in a steep graduation with extra-long points at the front, this is a truly eye-catching hairstyle for thick hair. A contemporary silver hair color idea with delicate lavender balayage is the twist! This year is a vintage year for balayage/short hair, thanks to short haircuts and spectacular new hair color trends!

Elegant medium bob with multi-blonde balayage.

Short hair continues to be a prominent trend for summer. This medium-bob haircut for thick hair features a stunning blend of blonde and caramel over darker roots, as well as the 3-D impression of white-blonde balayage. The trendy touch of an excellent multi-balayage adds structure and flow to short hair with blunt-cut tips!

This is an amazing array of hair color ideas and subtle balayage/short hair trends! I, too, am astonished by how inventive hair designers are continually pushing hair trends in new and fascinating areas! Keep checking back for more of this year’s balayage patterns and hair color trends for short hair!





























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