Nails Art




Take a cue from the world of neutrals for your next manicure. While nudity may be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for something universal, why not think outside the box and go for grey? It’s an excellent base color that complements a wide range of other colors while remaining distinct and appealing enough to stand on its own. There are plenty of styles and designs to excite and inspire you before your next salon visit, from simple stripes and glitter to confetti and not-quite-50 shades of grey.


Abstract Grey Nails

Abstract nails are a great way to express yourself and let your imagination run wild. This design combines various shades of grey with other tonal colors such as black, white, and beige. Color blocks with sharp edges can be made with nail tape. The bright colors in this look look great when paired with a simple, clean outfit like white jeans, a blue button-down, and pastel sneakers.


Artistic Nails in Grey and White

These grey and white artistic nails feature a lovely celestial element that is perfect for the Halloween season. The design is essentially a French manicure with silver-grey tips and white accents along some nails’ smile lines. Stars, dots, and a cat sitting on each white moon have been added for extra detail. Of course, you could easily adapt this style to any season by incorporating Christmas colors or brights for a birthday celebration.


Grey Stripe Accent

If you like French manicures but want to try something different, try this fun striped grey nail design. The various shades of grey look lovely with the naked base, and it’s not too garish. As a result, it’s ideal for everyday wear, including looking ultra-chic at work. This look works best with shorter, more square nails, as straighter lines help to keep it neat and tidy.


Nails in light grey with a silver line Art

Silver is simply the metallic version of grey, so it stands to reason that the two complement each other so well. Use nail stickers to make this grey nail design because it will be much easier and will save you time and effort. The light grey looks lovely, but you could also use mid and deep greys as the silver will still stand out elegantly on both.


Nails in Matte Grey Ombre

Ombre nails are one of the most popular trends this season. The spectrum of greys is an ideal color palette to work with because it looks best when transitioning from light to dark color. The matte finish is also very sophisticated and serves as a good alternative to high gloss shine. Two shades of matte grey polish, nail tape, and a sponge are all you need. Tape the skin around the nail to protect it, then apply the light grey base coat. Next, dab the dark grey onto the tips of your nails with the sponge until you’ve achieved the desired look. Allow it to dry before proceeding.


Nails that are bare and grey

Nude and grey are two great neutrals that pair well for a laid-back nail design. This subdued look is ideal for work, but it also works well when wearing a pretty pastel outfit to a bridal or baby shower. Follow the tip of the nail, as well as the shape of your lunula, or the pale root arch of the nail that sits near the cuticle, with the grey. The design works best on shorter nails, where the shape of both lines matches for a more even and balanced look.


Grey Nail Colors

Use shades of grey to keep your manicure simple. You can move your fingers from dark to light or reverse the order. Add some glitter for a little shimmer because there’s never a bad time to add some sparkle. The beauty of this look is that it can be worn on any nail shape or length. It will look great whether you have long ballerinas or short squares.


Nails in Pastel Copper and Grey

Copper and grey may not be the first colors that come to mind, but it looks amazing when the intensity and tones match. You can keep it simple by alternating colors on different nails, or you can get more creative if you’re feeling inspired. Pastel copper, in particular, works well with pale greys because it is a more neutral tone that creates a harmonious feeling.


  1. Confetti Nail Art on a Grey Background

With these brightly decorated grey nails, you can get the party started. Begin with a silvery grey base, then add four or five different colors to your confetti. The beauty of this design is that you have complete creative freedom. Make a collage of squares, circles, triangles, abstract shapes, and whatever else strikes your fancy. It’s ideal for occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and bridal showers. Furthermore, it demonstrates how wonderful grey is as a neutral that helps brights stand out.


Clouds in grey and white Nail Design

Cloud nail art looks great against the dark grey. With its diamante accents, this artwork is reminiscent of Peter Pan’s directions to Neverland: “second star to the right, and straight on until morning.” As a result, it’s the ideal look if you want to never grow up. Of course, a little glitter adds to the overall ethereal, fairy-dust feel of the design.