23 Hairstyles for Round Faces with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have made a strong comeback and have become the most popular form of fringe. They appear hot, charming, and feminine all at the same time, calling attention to your eyes and complementing almost any ‘do. But are curtain bangs appropriate for a round face? They ARE, indeed! Furthermore, curtain bangs can be used to balance out and trim down round features. For ultimate evidence, have a look at our fantastic collection of curtain bangs for round-face types.

Brown Shag with Curtain Bangs 1.

It’s no surprise that curtain bangs complement the 70s shag so beautifully. Furthermore, they form a fantastic combination for balancing out a round face — extensive layering and a strong emphasis on the front make this face appear thinner.

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Long curtain bangs flow into long feathery layers, narrowing the face and adding structure to long straight hair. However, if you have thin, straight hair, divided bangs require regular upkeep. To keep them in place, avoid air drying them and use a powerful styling cream.

3: Extra-Thick Curtain Bangs

Adding volume to your hair is a tried-and-true approach to balance out a round face shape. This assignment is perfectly suited to thicker curtain bangs and medium hair length. Layers make this hair look disheveled, creating volume and drawing attention away from the big cheeks.

Wavy Wavy hairstyle 4:.

If you don’t have thick hair, lengthier curtain bangs may be your best option. They’ll stay in place better this way, and you’ll always have the option of tucking them behind your ears. These side bangs frame the face wonderfully and help to achieve the desired slimming impression.

5: Thick Curtain Bangs with Layered Cut

Round faces are infamous for having broad foreheads, but thanks to curtain bangs, this problem is easily solved. Still, make sure your curtain fringe is split if you want an elongating effect.

6.Feathered Layers with Curtain Bangs

Aside from embracing curtain bangs and a medium layered cut, there’s one more method to balancing out a round face shape: ombre. This dark brown to medium brown ombre separates the face at the cheekbones, giving the appearance of a thinner face.

7: Unruly Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

Voluminous textured bangs coupled with unruly waves can go a long way toward making your round fat face appear thinner. Maintain your disheveled texture with a texturizing product and rock this highly hot appearance like a rock star.

Wispy Curtain Bangs for Round Faces 8

A wispy curtain fringe looks excellent on long hair. It might help you shift your focus from your cheeks to your eyes, making it a good choice if you have a round face shape. Consider adding layers over the full length of your hair for a unified effect.

9: Thin Hair Curtain Bangs

If you have thin hair, longer bangs are the way to go because they are easier to maintain. Get a round brush and speak with your hairdresser about a product that will keep your curtain bangs looking gorgeous and natural.

Straight Lob with Curtain Bangs 10

This curtain fringe reaches the cheekbones and balances off the round face flawlessly. Curtain bangs look well with a long bob, providing softness that makes this cut look feminine and adorable.

11: Extensive Bob’s Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs look equally good on short hair and pair well with a bob. This fringe frames the woman’s face, seemingly lengthening it and making the entire look dazzlingly lovely.

12: Long Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Here’s an option for ladies with round faces who have long, smooth hair and are unwilling to cut it to balance out their facial shapes. To begin, try obtaining cheekbone-grazing curtains, which do an excellent job of minimizing the face. Next, go for waves to divert attention away from your cheeks.

13: Curtain Bangs on a Soft Shag

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Layered cuts can help round-faced women balance their face shape. Straighten the ends of the layers to mould the hairstyle to your facial shape. Of course, a curtain fringe would be the greatest match for the hairdo.

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If you’re looking for a way to disguise your large brow, baby bangs might be the way to go. However, avoid blunt bangs because they can make your face appear square. Consider jagged curtain bangs, as shown in this shot.

15: Shag with Curtain Bangs.

A layered shag with curtain bangs is an excellent method to soften round faces. If your facial shape is bigger at the top, avoid a center part in favor of a thicker fringe. Consider using dark roots to enhance dimension and depth.

16: Curtain Bangs Bob for Round Face Shapes

We adore how the drapes frame the woman’s face, elongating its round contour. Curtain bangs are a great complement to a bob haircut, and they look great on both thin and thick hair – all you need is the proper length!

Curtain Bangs and Long Layers 17

This hairstyle is extremely stylish — center-parted curtain fringe looks fantastic with silky long hair. Curtain bangs that are the proper length work well with both a downdo and a ponytail, thereby elongating the girl’s round face.

Wispy Curtain Bangs 18

Wispy bangs are undoubtedly the most popular type of curtain bangs for round face shapes. They are excellent in breaking up the face in order to get the required slimming impression.

Jet Black Bob with Curtain Bangs 19

Did you know that darker hair colors might help to narrow round faces by casting shadows? You can enhance the appearance by incorporating cheekbone-greezing drape fringe.

20: Unevenly Parted Bangs

Natural wavy haired ladies can easily balance out their round faces with a plethora of shaggy layers and a fashionable curtain fringe. For a more striking appearance, skip the middle section. Instead, opt for erratically parted bangs for more volume!

Curtain Fringe with Shoulder-Length Hair 21

Why not try every trick in the book to balance out your round face? Aside from ideal curtain bangs, you may make the most of your hair structure and color by embracing loose waves and balayage, for example, to deflect attention away from your face shape.

22: Natural Hair Curtain Bangs

Natural hair is infamous for being unruly and difficult to maintain in place, so center-parted, long curtain bangs can cause extra stress. Given this, it may be preferable to choose with shorter curtain bangs that are easier to control.

23: Curly Hair Razored Curtain Bangs

Are you looking for the greatest bangs to complement your round face and curly hair? No need to look any further – these very attractive bangs with a center part are the way to go. By integrating babylights, you may obtain an even more brilliant image.